Together with You, We Are Enriching The Lives of Others, One Smile At A Time

Join us in bringing a smile to the faces of those who need it most.

Long stays in Hospitals and Living in Nursing Homes can be extremely difficult stressful and in most cases, boring. The mundane daily life and ongoing medical treatments happening far away from their loved ones loving arms and embrace. So what can we do to help? I have developed a platform which enables members of the community to bring a smile to people they may never meet but know are in most of need of a smile. Lets work together as Australians to break that mundane life in Hospitals and Nursing Homes by bringing a little joy to those Australians who are most in need.

100% of all donations reach the lives of those in need. We have the means to access a broader community through the coverage of internet that Australians access daily. We enable Australians a national platform for those able to give to those we know are truly in need of most.

Aussie Data Tech Rising DOES NOT use funds towards clerical, management, time or financial costs involved with all donations reaching those in need. Cash deposits and cash donations are converted directly into gifts that changes lives. We purchase the items listed below and if you are able anything from the list or similar we would really appreciate it as this will save valuable time. This saves us time and enables us to provide more time with those in need of a conversation along with hobby materials enriching their lives.

We volunteer times outside of business hours at a zero cost to ensure that gifts are received by those most in need. The items listed will most improve the lives of those who are in real need of a smile.

MAGAZINES Magazines (Current or Back Issues) , Gossip Magazines, Fashion Mags, Womens and Mens Mags, Car Mags, Gardening Mags, History Mags along Car Mags, Media, Geographic, Animal and Nature Magazines

Colouring in Books, Crossword Books, Puzzle Books

STATIONERY ITEMS Colouring in Pencils, Colouring in Crayons, Colour Marking Pens, Pens or Biros, Writing Pads, Sketch Pads

SOMETHING TO CUDDLE Fluffly Cuddly Toys, Tedy Bears etc (New Only)

SOMETHING TO MUNCH ON Money raised is also used for purchasing fresh packets of lollies and nibblies that are easy to digest and chew prior to our visits.

SOMETHING ELSE You can donate money and we purchase all of the items above. The moment the donations are received by the locations we have visited, we email you a list of what has been gifted at that location.

100% of every cash donation is converted into gifts and 100% of those gifts will reach those in need. We DO NOT use funds towards clerical, management, time or financial costs involved with donations reaching those in need. We manange times outside of business hours for free to ensure that gifts are received and with a smile.

We Appreciate all Business Owners who have these resources in stock who are able to donate or sell these items at a reduced cost. This ensures more people are reached and more often.

If you are unable to provide resources but would love to assist, don't worry there are thousands of ways you can all make a difference without costing you anything. We have quietly helped Australians for many years. Our time, money and resources are have been to ensure our vulnerable Australians are helped where possible. You too can help by reaching out and volunteering, lending a hand and being an ear to listen to those most in need, or if you have the resources you can reach out to an organisation like ours where you can assist. Everyone in need is thankful and surely thank you in advance.

Thank You for taking the time to check us out and if you are able to assist in the future we would love to hear from You.

The Little Things in Life Matter The Most

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