Aussie Data Tech Rising proudly support Braaap Motorcyles. I personally ride the Moto 3 so as a rider and customer I'm speaking from first hand experience. Braaap Motorcycles has not paid for this endorsement.

Braaap Motorcycles is an Australian Motorcycle Manufacturer who I know and trust because I ride a Braaap Moto 3.

I own a 12/2015 Braaap Moto 3. It's been an absolutely amazing motorcycle. I have maintained its scheduled servicing as required and it still runs, sounds and handles like a brand new street machine.

It has been an absolutely amazing motorcycle. As many of my customers know, I ride anywhere up to 300kms round trips some days, to get to my customers businesses in order to provide quotes, I.T Support or to deliver websites and databases to various locations prior to going live and online. This means that I need a reliable method of transport to get me to where I am going and fast. Motorcycles provide the speed and accessablitlity while my Braaap Motorcycle has provided me with the reliablility I need to get me where I am going safe, sound and on time. I love my Braaap Moto 3.

I went for a few test rides on many bikes before I settled on the Braaap Moto 3 but it came down to locality and cost. Braaap Motorcycles are in Australia meaning if I had an issue, I wasn't going to be dealing with a sales guy who sold me the bike who had to wait for his boss to contact another country to get an issue sorted. With Braaap I could call up and speak to the people who made my bike in Australia.

Braaap Motorcycles go above and beyond in expectations where comfort, safety and reliability are concerned. The handling of the Braaap Moto 3 has been amazing, the cost of maintenance has been minimal and replacing parts like the flasher unit relay I bought from Super Cheap for around $12 and an ignition coil was I think around $20 from Braaap. They sent it to me express post and it arrived in a couple of days but the interesting part was, I'm a programmer not a mechanic but it was something like 3 to 5 minute to fit each of those and for even me to do as a layman, it was freaking easy.

I'm not kidding. Yes I have had to spend some money on the up keep of my bike since it was new. I have had to replace a bit of oil, an indicator flasher unit, an ignition coil and some tires. Way less than the up keep of a car and the riding has been, well astounding. I love the locality of the home grown Aussie Manufacturing that Braaap Motorcycles offers.

Paul the Mechanical representative has saved me hundreds in advice telling me how easy it is to change up parts. And Andrea, the Braaap parts specialist is amazing. She has sorted the parts and posting.

Braaap has taken Australian Motorcycle Production to a new level making affordable and competitive options for all riders. Some argue that Braaaps style of dealing with customers is annoying given that they rely on the call, leave a message and they'll contact you. Well, they do contact you. Sure the style is different but that comes with a small motorcycle production business with specialised staff and no doubt keeps the business running costs down for the buyers. I love Braaaps support and know that the result of their call, leave a message and they'll contact you means that the overall cost to me as a buyer is lower.

Braaaps 2022 line up looks amazing. I love the look and styling of the new Cruiser 400 and the Moto 4. This link will get you to their site so you can check out their line up. shop all bikes

At this point I'm probably ranting so my advice, Braaap Motorcycles go above and beyond in expectations where comfort, safety and reliability are concerned. The handling of the Braaap Moto 3 has been amazing, the cost of maintenance has been minimal and when it comes to an upgrade, I'll be going for another Braaap.

Click to call 0480 030 434 and begin your journey with Braaap.

Braaap Motorcycles Australia

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We have found Brake Mobile to provide fast and reliable servicing at home or while you work. They come to you. For the past 15 years I have only ever relied on Brake Mobile to keep the brakes on my car and trailer safe.

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